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ONE LOGIS Digital Logistics Solution

29 Oct 2020 Share

ONE LOGIS, a Singapore based digital IT solutions provider has been working with Logistics SMEs across Asia on digital transformation initiatives to increase the productivity and automation with the use of latest technologies. With more than a decade of experience in Technology & Logistics, ONE LOGIS has built an integrated digital solution to suit the needs of any logistics company in Asia.

ONE LOGIS has created a single point data input to integrate with all supply chain functions to manage the end-to-end operations in a seamless way. The company has been using latest cloud based technologies to keep the processes up-to-date. ONE LOGIS provides secure and ease of access to data from anywhere (cloud, web and mobile apps). ONE LOGIS streamlines business processes to make scalability easier for logistics companies of any size.

ONE LOGIS integrated digital solution includes Freight, Pricing, Sales, Quotation, CRM, Order management, Warehousing, Inventory, Transportation, Last mile, E-commerce integrations, Billing, Accounting and Data analytics.

With various built in integrations such as NTP, e-Invoicing, e-Document, e-Delivery Order, e-POD, real-time tracking with carriers, SMS alerts, WhatsApp alerts, online payment gateways and IATA tact rates, you can quickly integrate your services with the partners and increase productivity.

Explore more on ONE LOGIS digital software solution to make your logistics operations more automated and faster.

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