What are Honey Coins?

Honey Coins are rewarded points exclusively for hive members. You can earn the coins by taking part in various services on hive, such as publishing a post, interacting with other members, creating your own microsite and so forth. With coins accumulated to certain amounts, you can redeem the points for free advertisements, track and trace services, and shopping vouchers. hive is continuously including more vouchers into the list. Come to the website to check latest vouchers!

How to Earn Coins


Log in to your account.


Coins can come from each specific list of mission to accomplish on your account.


Coins will be added automatically to your account every time you accomplish mission that you may use to redeem vouchers.

Terms and Conditions

Get to know more about our Honey Coins program. Learn more

How to Redeem Vouchers


Log in to your account.

Always start with logging in, otherwise you cannot purchase any vouchers.

Make sure you have enough Honey Coins

Each redeemable voucher(s) has a minimum coin(s) requirement for redemption.


Redeem using your Honey Coins

Redeem your voucher using Honey Coins at the voucher page, wait for an email to process and enjoy the perks!

Things to Know about Honey Coins

No Expiry!

Coins will not expire. You can redeem them anytime.

Coins Cannot be Combined

Coins cannot be merge and/or transferred from one account to another.


Honey Coins are not convertible to physical cash.